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A Guide to Virtual Staging with Jaqua Realtors

One of the latest and greatest trends of interior design has become virtual staging. Learn about what virtual staging is, how it's done and why it's so popular for home sellers everywhere.

How you can get photos professionally Virtually Staged

A great benefit of working with Distinguished Homes is this service is offersexclusively to Jaqua Agents. Costs per photo range from $28 to $35 with unlimited edits and a turnaround time of about 48 hours. High quality photos layered with professional virtual images can possibly help elevate the homes asking price. Vacant or poorly furnished homes do not have to equal more days on market. Your Jaqua REALTOR can utilize the tools Distinguished Homes offers to market your home with eye catching photos online and shorten the days on market. Our Statistics show that on average, our virtually staged homes sold for 98.9% of list price!

What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging is an innovative marketing strategy which highlights a property with digital furnishings to showcase the home's best qualities and influence the sale. This digital software gives real estate agents the ability to customize a listing to fit the style of the buyers they are trying to attract. Not only will virtual staging create that emotional connection, but it will give buyers a realistic sense of scale to better visualize each room's potential. Attracting potential home buyers attention online is important as 97% of buyers are using the internet to search for homes. Virtual staging creates eye catching photos to attract more potential buyers to give an unfurnished home a competitive edge.

Which home would you rather buy?


Vacant Homes- Tackling Marketing Challenges

When homes are vacant, there is a benefit to showing a room for its intended use. It is hard for most buyers to imagine what a space “could” look like. Virtual staging allows buyers to see how a space can be used, the scale of the room and helps to define a space. Similarly, if the carpet and wall colors are the same or similar throughout a listing, it may help to define the quantity of and difference between the rooms. Another challenge results from homes that are left with not enough furnishings or overly cluttered photographs. There is help for that, too! Items can often be digitally removed from photos so that the staging will look its best. Also, partially furnished rooms can have all the designer touches added in.

Interior Design- Portraying a Lifestyle

Virtual Staging is also a great way to get inspired on how to creatively redesign your existing home. A good design can not only transform a space, but also helps to visualize the whole space before buying any furniture or moving existing furnishings. Designing each image with a lifestyle in mind gives creative inspiration, makes an emotional connection and creates a visual ambiance of what a space could look like. By highlighting architectural elements, focusing on the style of the home and keeping location in mind, virtual staging can be your first step to creating a fresh new design for your home.

Vacant Home

Before After Virtual Staging

Under Furnished Home

Before After Virtual Staging

Item Removal

Before After

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